Demos and Games

This page details some of the projects and demos I’ve worked on over the past few years, starting with the most recent. It should be noted that some of these project are from a bygone era, and as such do not represent my current ability. I’ve listed all the requirements needed to run these projects in each entry, while some applications can be taxing computationally,  most modern PC’s should be able to handle them with little difficulty.

Real-Time Procedural Character Animation Using Inverse Kinematics

As a part of my honours-stage research thesis, the created project illustrates the results of an inverse kinematics animation engine named IKAS capable of generating motion in real-time.

Fuzzy Control Theory Demo

A demo experimenting with the combing of various types of fuzzy system parameters to form fuzzified inference systems.

Bezier Curve Demo

A demo experimenting with the manipulation of composite Bezier curves.

DirectX Water Simulation Demo

A graphics demo created using the DirectX 9.0c programmable pipeline and HLSL shaders, making extensive use of the stencil buffer for a range of graphical effects and techniques.

OpenGL Procedural Terrain with Simplex Noise and GLSL 

Procedural terrain generation using GLSL, multi texturing, smoothstep, Simplex Noise and ridged multi fractals.

XNA Game Prototype: Project Poppet

A 2D platform puzzler created in collaboration with Chunk Games and the University of Abertay Dundee.

PS2 Lighting Demo: Deserted

A 3D graphics demo programmed on the Playstation 2 simulating advance lighting effects.

PS2 Game Project:  Sprite Invaders

The first level of a 2D shoot-em up created for the PS2.

Sketches and Drawings

A quick preview of the some of the artwork I’ve done in the past.

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