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Open Animation Framework

Since finishing my IK research project a few months back I’ve been slowly developing upon the original code base for experimentation purposes,  and needless to say it has grown to be very large. I began thinking about usability, or more specifically re-usability in different projects. I had written code that I could find many uses for, and considering the trouble of re-writing sections every time I wanted to experiment with new methods or try a new game idea, the thought of compiling this into a nice simple library crossed my mind.

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The Practicality of Junior Software Engineering Interviews

So I figured I should write about some of the experiences I’ve had with software engineering/programming interviews in the past. I’ve been lucky enough to  sample a number of different ‘flavours’ of interviews. Through my travels I quickly learned that interviewing in itself is just as much a skill as knowing C++ or riding a horse. I do scratch my head at some of the practices found in interviewing,  I know it may seem fickle of me to question interview practices, but I’ll ramble on about some of them later nonetheless. Keep in mind there’s probably more to interviewing than what I’ve written, I’m simply drawing on past experiences. Also unlike senior or regular engineering positions, there’s not much text on junior-level interview topics, so I suppose this will add (hopefully in a good way) to that area. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

The Interview

Software companies like assurances when they hire new developers, they want to make sure you know (and I mean know) the innards of your code. And as I began preparing for my first ever interview long ago, this hit me pretty hard. Thing is, this interview was no small matter. It was a SDET position at Microsoft, and I was getting flown out from the UK to their HQ in Redmond, Seattle, so it was a pretty big deal. Microsoft are known to be notoriously difficult during their interview process, for the weeks leading up to the interview, scared is a very big understatement as to how I was feeling in my overly fancy Bellevue hotel room a handful of days prior.

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