As the site address suggests, my name’s Ahmed. With more than a decade of experience in software engineering at nearly every level of leadership, in particular within quality and test engineering, I’ve been at the helm of leading, managing and delivering heavily-funded commercial software and R&D efforts in countless industries. Ranging from massive multiplayer social mobile titles, pharmacology toolsets and operating systems to virtual reality engines, payment systems and entire city transit networks, all from green-light to gold release – successfully bringing those products onto hugely competitive, world-class global markets.

At present I work at Vix Technology as the Regional Software Eanger for EMEA. Before that I contracted as the Head Engineering consultant working alongside comically evil pharmaceutical corporations and small software labs on behalf of BioQA. Prior to that I was with SCEE R&D as a journeyman Principal Lead SDET working on an array of announced and unannounced things of all sizes and dynamics. I’ve previously worked at Tag Games, Chunk Games (and a few other companies) in a sizable handful of software engineering disciplines.

When I’m not writing combinations of illegible numbers, symbols and letters at work, I train as competitive powerlifter. When I’m too beat up to train, I continue my futile attempts to keep up with my open source quota, play unhealthy amounts of Dota 2, replay The Witcher franchise, and patiently await the next Zelda game.

A (long) while back I graduated with a BSc in Computer Games Technology. My degree encapsulated key fields in computer science and tailored them towards game development and software engineering. My main interests lie within computer graphics, game engine design and robotics; less vaguely motion control and intelligence techniques. I experiment with these topics both professionally and recreationally whenever time permits.

You can see some of my projects under Demos and Games where screenshots, videos, and source code for most of my work can be scrutinized and examined. For a more detailed description of my experiences, skills and interests you’ll find that in my Résumé.

That sums up the brief introduction. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to drop me an email or leave a comment.