Open Animation Framework

Since finishing my IK research project a few months back I’ve been slowly developing upon the original code base for experimentation purposes,  and needless to say it has grown to be very large. I began thinking about usability, or more specifically re-usability in different projects. I had written code that I could find many uses for, and considering the trouble of re-writing sections every time I wanted to experiment with new methods or try a new game idea, the thought of compiling this into a nice simple library crossed my mind.

I decided to do some quick googling to be sure I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel, and surprisingly I found there really aren’t many animation libraries out there. The ones I did find were either incomplete, lacked functionality or were abandoned; one of them being the ikanimationtoolkit (exactly what I’m trying to do, although sadly discontinued) and another I found called kirilliv (meant for robotics use). The most impressive library I found was the Cal3D animation library, which for most people’s needs does almost everything you’d ever want from an animation perspective, and its also frequently updated. The only problem is it doesn’t have any IK functionality.

So I decided to fill this hole in the open source domain and create an animation framework that not only allowed for the basic methods of animation (blending, skinning, ect.), but skeletal manipulation through IK as well. Thus the Open Animation Framework, otherwise known as “OAF” was born. Considering the current animation code from my research project was limited from a general-purpose perspective, I began work a week or so ago ironing out basic functionality such as skeletal specifications, blending, and animation “playback” support.

I’ll be try posting regular updates as to OAF’s progress as time goes on. I’ve also hosted a google code project site for OAF, which can be found here. There isn’t any code committed yet, although that should soon change once I finalize the first commit. I also thought about including short how-to guides throughout my OAF updates in case (for whatever reason) OAF doesn’t come to fruition, and the least that comes from it are nice animation guides people can use.

That about sums up this post. If you’re interested in the project, or have any comments, feel free to drop me an email!

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