Portfolio 2.0

After a grueling past couple of days wrestling with HTML and CSS (which I now hate) the new site is officially complete. I’m very much glad with how it turned out, it’s a big step up from my old portfolio which is now no longer with us. I’ve redirected my old domain to this site for now, and for all those wondering I am working on securing an actual domain name, I dare have “.wordpress.com” haunting my professional identity forever. Because that would be, well, unprofessional.

I’m still working on uploading some project snippets to the rest of the portfolio, nothing fancy but useful little experiments with some aspects of computer graphics. As far as my current project goes, I’m currently working on polishing some of my more recent work, like my procedural terrain and water demos, alongside some other stuff here and there.

That about sums it up. As a side note, I’m reading a book that I’d recommend; “Game Engine Architecture” by Jason Gregory, a programming veteran who’s led many game studios. The concepts and techniques described are the ones used by games by Electronic Arts and Naughty Dog, very interesting seeing the design patters they employ in that sense.

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