PS2 Game Demo: Sprite Invaders

This demo was created during my very first experimentation with the PS2 Development Kit. The focal gameplay concept being the player having to destroy as many enemies as possible while trying to achieve a high score, with the speed and spawning rate of enemies increasing as with the score. The game was very much a success but keeping in mind the underlying concept there wasn’t much that could be done to develop the game further.

As for programming, one of the key methods I learned here was per-pixel collision detection in 2D, which was written from the ground up for this game. It was through this project where I truly grasped the idea behind a game framework, and began playing around with the concept of classes and how they would interact at a flexible level. As such, this project plays an imperative role in my learning process as a programmer.

All the source code for the project can be found here. I should note that you will need a PS2 Dev Kit to run and compile the project.

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