PS2 Lighting Demo: Deserted

The aim of this demo was to show how the Vector Units of the PS2 can be used to create various lighting effects. Working on top of a framework which was provided for this university project, I implemented a hierarchical system for managing entities in the scene, as well as producing a range of interesting effects.

Animated Point Lights

Animated point lights which rapidly changing colour, size and position to give a realistic effect. The intensity of these faded over distance squared, acting only on a small area.

Ambient and Directional Lights

Ambient and directional lighting was implemented on the Vector Unit, using the normals for each vertex to calculate intensity.

Texture and Alpha Blending

Using multiple layers of geometry in close proximity allowed for textures to be blended, improving the overall appearance of the models. Various alpha blending algorithms were also used to alter the values of colours within the scene to intensify and smooth the models to fit within the rest of the landscape.

This being on the PS2, there was no real way I could record footage of the demo in action, I was able to take screenshots however using an inbuilt function within the framework.

The source code for the project can be found here. You will need a PS2 development kit to compile and run the source code.

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